from Kettering with Love

We are a group of crafty individuals looking to promote local artisans in Kettering.
By starting this event we hope not only to promote our own businesses but those who choose to get involved. Think of it like a cooperative!


Dates for the events are;
5th March 2013
12th June 2013
11th September 2013
27th November 2013



Meet the Artisans – click here

Have a stall

Join us and have a stall.
A table will be £10 and this will include promotional material; flyers/posters to give out and we have a PR agent making sure we get out there!!!
Promote the ‘from Kettering with Love’ brand on your own website.  Give out the flyers to everyone – don’t be shy.
We want to you to have fun on the night so please invite your friends and family.

If you require any more details contact me on or complete our on-line application form here.

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